Electricité Générale

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Interior renovation / outdoor

Installation interior / exterior



Tips for implementation

Installation of video surveillance

IP or analog camera, viewing locally or via the web, we offer the solution for your needs.

Fire alarm

Standalone detector or wired installation complies with the new regulations, Smoke or gas hazard detection is a priority.

Intrusion alarm

We offer a range of so lution against theft. System Radio 5 areas in multi-wired zones, we ensure your safety.

Automatic Gate

single, double or recessed, we offer different solution

Home automation

Do not move to turn on the light, turn everything off your smartphone, if you choose the automation comfort? Ask for a quote for your home automation ...

And more...


We promote LED lighting for its benefits and energy savings it represents.

Whether for your stores, at home indoors or outdoors, there is always a product that will fit your needs.

We operate throughout the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, Monday to Saturday, faster troubleshooting.